How Persefoni transformed its job requisition workflow with automation

How Persefoni used automation to transform their job requisition workflow

Persefoni, a climate management and accounting platform, needed an efficient recruitment workflow to meet their ambitious headcount target. 

Unfortunately, the process they had in place last year couldn’t support this aim effectively.

Every time a hiring manager created a job requisition, they needed it to be reviewed and approved by 3 groups—talent acquisition, FP&A, and an executive approver—before it could be posted to their ATS.

Each group had a number of (often overlapping) questions and concerns, and since there wasn’t a centralized and transparent communication channel, chaos more or less ensued.

The questions different individuals would ask one another before approving and posting a job requisition

This led to hiring delays, unclear outcomes, and high stress, all of which amplified as headcount targets grew.

To scale sustainably and to ensure that target candidates didn’t slip through the cracks, Mike Flynn, the Senior Director of Integrations & Analytics at Persefoni, leveraged Workato’s Workbot solution to build out “Osiris Bot.”

You can read on to learn more about how Osiris Bot transformed the company’s job requisition workflow.

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How Osiris Bot streamlines job postings

The process starts when an employee navigates to Osiris Bot in Slack and clicks on “Create Employee Requisition.”

The employee then sees a pop-up modal that has all of the required job requisition fields: position title, pay range, whether the position is included in the annual headcount allocation, etc.

A screenshot of the form employees submit in Osiris Bot

Once submitted, Osiris Bot shares the job req with the talent acquisition team in Slack; once they approve (which they can do with the click of a button), the bot goes on to share it with the FP&A team, and, assuming they approve it, the bot finally shares it with the executive approver.

As soon as a job requisition passes through each of these approvers successfully, Osiris Bot goes on to post the job in Persefoni’s ATS.

The value of following this automated approval chain when compared to their previous system was immediately obvious.

“Talent acquisition is no longer coordinating all of these back-and-forth Slack conversations. Instead, everyone knows what they’re responsible for and when to get involved.”
Mike Flynn Senior Director of Integrations & Analytics at Persefoni

Flynn also pointed out that as the bot shares the job requisition with each stakeholder, everyone who’s involved in the approval process is kept in the loop and can see any comments as they come in—making it easy for anyone to respond.

A screenshot of a message from Osiris Bot that asks an employee to review and approve a job req

Lastly, once a candidate is rejected or added to the ATS, everyone gets notified, where in the case of a rejection, the bot shares why a candidate failed to get approved.

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Why Osiris Bot has been a big success

Flynn attributes the widespread adoption of and enthusiasm for Osiris Bot to the following:

  • Reduced context switching: The team already relies on Slack to communicate day-to-day; since Osiris Bot allows everyone in the workflow to perform approvals/rejections without leaving the platform, the process is easy to carry out.
  • Enriched messages: Osiris Bot can collect information from internal and 3rd-party systems that each approver might be interested in and includes it in its messages—allowing each stakeholder to make an informed decision and avoid having to do the research themself. 

For talent acquisition, this can be providing a salary range for the role from a platform like Payscale; for FP&A, this can be sharing the forecasted spend in the ERP system to confirm the job req falls within the allocated budget, etc. 

  • Eliminated manual data entry: By using Osiris Bot to automatically post the job openings in Persefoni’s ATS, talent acquisition can avoid performing the task themselves. Aside from providing time savings, this helps prevent human errors that result in inaccurate and misleading job postings.
  • Expanded automation possibilities: Streamlining the job requisition workflow in and of itself is clearly valuable, but once the automation accounts for onboarding, its value grows exponentially. For example, if IT gets notified when job postings go live, they can better plan for the incoming new hire, whether it’s ordering equipment or it’s adding additional licenses for applications.

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Automating beyond recruitment

Given its success, Flynn decided to double down on Osiris Bot and turned it into a one-stop shop for countless tasks. 

A screenshot of Osiris Bot in Slack

Activities like submitting PTO, creating a helpdesk request, accessing the holiday calendar, and so much more can be done through Osiris Bot. This makes it easy for new hires and longer-tenured employees alike to find what they need and to perform tasks independently and quickly. And for a company in hyper-growth, the value this offers can’t be understated.

“New hires don’t have to go through this onboarding process where they have to constantly ask how to do things. They can just go straight to Osiris Bot.”
Mike Flynn Senior Director of Integrations & Analytics at Persefoni

Given Flynn’s impressive background in automation, it’s clear that Persefoni’s processes will only continue to improve across the board.

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