Why a modern customer 360 is key to enabling GTM teams (and a traditional customer 360 isn’t)

We'll break down the pitfalls of a traditional customer 360 and explain how a modern one supports GTM teams by sharing examples.

The ultimate guide to automating campaign operations 

Learn about impactful automations you can build, the benefits that come with implementing them, and more.

A guide to marketing automation integration

These marketing automation integrations can help your team nurture leads intelligently, collaborate more effectively, and more.

5 front office automations that can help you delight clients and close more business

These automations can help you streamline approvals, nurture leads intelligently, address churn risks successfully, and more.

Why you should integrate your CRM with your marketing automation platform 

We'll cover 3 integration use cases to highlight how connectivity between the two can drive impactful business outcomes.

What is product intelligence? And how can it empower customer-facing teams?

We'll cover how your success teams, reps, and marketers can use product intelligence to delight clients and improve their KPIs.

What is customer 360? Here’s everything you need to know

We'll cover how a customer 360 can work, the challenges in implementing one, and a solution to overcoming these challenges.

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