Sales Automation

Optimize your Sales Process with Intelligent Automation.

Lead to Opportunity
  • Lead to Opportunity
  • Opportunity Management
  • Streamlined Closing
  • Farming

Connect the entire Customer Journey for end-to-end insights

Have a 360° view of your customer to personalize your pitch. Stay up to date with every touchpoint and have all your customer data in one place.




  • Salesforce

    Our Salesforce connector lets you sync lead data across your systems, route leads intelligently, surface product usage data, and trigger an O2C sequence when a deal is closed-won

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  • NetSuite

    With our NetSuite connector, you can automatically generate orders when you win a deal, remind managers to approve invoices, and store important customer documents.

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  • Gong

    Use our Gong connector to add insights on competitors, budget, and use cases to your CRM, qualify leads, and generate reports without switching between apps

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  • Slack

    Our Slack connector lets you approve deals, receive prospecting signal alerts, and retrieve customer usage and support data without leaving the chat.

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