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Frequently asked questions

  • Are on-premise applications and databases supported?

    Yes, we support on-premise applications, databases and even your own custom application that can be connected with REST, SOAP. To connect to on-premise applications, databases an on-premise gateway is required.

  • What is your data retention policy?

    The Workato Platform plan provides a way to define and configure your data retention policy. Job history, job reports, and ability to re-run jobs depends on the plan you have selected.

  • What is your uptime?

    With Workato, you need not worry about uptime or latency issues. We have an average of 99.95%. Visit our status page for the latest uptime and response time.

  • Can I use the HTTP connector to connect to an app you have a connector for, such as Workday or ServiceNow?

    Where we have a Workato connector for an app such as Workday or ServiceNow, we require you to use our connector to integrate with those apps. Workato connectors handle a lot of the complexities and challenges for connecting with specific apps and ensure app integrations are easier to create, manage and support. We will not be able to support integrations with apps for which we have connectors, if you choose to connect with those apps directly using HTTP or other technology connectors. If our connector does not do what you need to do with an app, you can use the HTTP connector or SDK to address that gap.

  • What is Real-time integration?

    Real-time integration is only available with cloud apps that support webhooks. For these apps, your triggers get processed whenever the event happens. For everything else, Workato polls for new information. The polling interval can be 5 or 10mins, depending on the plan you are on.

  • Can I get someone to help build integrations and workflows?

    Definitely! We have an experienced team of experts that can help you with your recipes. Or, we can refer you to any number of different implementation partners around the globe. Contact us to learn more.

  • Do you have any discounts for nonprofit organizations?

    Yes! We offer discounted plans for nonprofit organizations. Click here to learn more.

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