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How Scoot leverages Workbot for HR Requests


Ivan Chuah Human Resource Director

...The team can now manage our systems in-house and this provides us with more flexibility to scale solutions to enhance our employee experience by providing real-time support for more complex requests.

Ivan Chuah Human Resource Director


  • Existing tools could not easily integrate into business workflows
  • Needed tools that were mobile-friendly to perform admin tasks more easily

Ivan Chuah, Human Resource (HR) Director at Scoot, heads the HR Ecosystem team responsible for maintaining the core Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) software and systems that are made accessible to employees within the company.

As part of Scoot’s expanded focus on employee-centric systems, the team needed a comprehensive platform to drive a mobile and seamless digital experience so that employees remain empowered, and are able to better perform their day-to-day administrative functions.

Scoot utilizes an array of transactional platforms, which serve different purposes and cater to varied requests. While useful on their own, these standalone platforms were not easily integrated into a cohesive ecosystem of tools.

As a result, employees would have to log in to multiple platforms to complete different transactions. This creates a disruptive experience, particularly for pilots and cabin crew who rely on their mobile devices to navigate numerous standalone systems.

Thus, Ivan and his team sought to explore measures to reduce the hassle of working with multiple vendors, and in doing so, improve efficiency, strengthen customizability, and experience cost-savings in the long run.


  • Connecting Workbot to Workplace
  • Expanding Ozy Bot to perform more transactional requests

After an analysis of existing gaps and areas for improvement, Scoot’s HR team used Workato to build Ozy Bot (their version of the Workbot). By connecting Ozy with Workplace by Meta, employees are now able to interact with Ozy and perform a multitude of employee-related transactions within a single platform, at their convenience. For instance, employees can utilize Ozy to apply for, edit, or view their leave and time-off transactions with a few simple clicks over a single chat. This allows employees to complete transactions remotely and while on-the-go, without having to sign in to Workday, and in turn, reduces hassle, improves efficiency and enhances the employee experience.

With Workato’s low-code platform, Scoot’s HR team is able to further expand on Ozy Bot’s functionality to enable employees to easily access other internal platforms like ServiceNow, Workday and Workplace.

Today, employees can interact with Ozy to perform close to 30 employee-related transactions such as applying for time-off, raising service requests, updating personal information, and nominating staff travel companions.


  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Empowering employees to be independent
  • Enable employees to take ownership on processes

As an employee himself, Ivan is glad that Ozy Bot has made it easier for Scoot staff to seamlessly access and utilize multiple systems within an integrated platform via the use of their own mobile devices, wherever they may be.

Furthermore, with Ozy Bot, the Scoot HR team can manage their internal backend processes better and adapt the setup in a timely manner, to meet the evolving needs of the organization.

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