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Deliver better customer experiences with intelligent automation.

Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Mean time to Resolution
  • Customer-driven engineering
  • Churn Prediction

True 360° - connect the entire customer journey for end-to-end insights

Stay up to date on every touchpoint by having all customer data in one place. Capture in-product data from multiple sources and receive packaged insights to predict churn and automatically create tickets when users hit roadblocks.



    Customer Messaging


  • Salesforce

    Use our Salesforce connector to sync customer data across your systems, escalate issues from sales to customer support, route new tickets to other apps, and see ticket status without switching between apps.

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  • Zendesk

    Our Zendesk connector lets you sync support across channels, route and prioritize tickets, automate product returns, and generate tickets based on product usage, all inside Zendesk.

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  • NetSuite

    With our NetSuite connector, you can generate return requests in NetSuite from inside your customer support app, approve returns (or send reminders), and immediately update inventory data.

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  • Slack

    Our Slack connector lets you open, escalate, and close support tickets, route tickets, check ticket status, and receive updates on high priority tickets, all without leaving the chat.

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