Customer Story

How improved Employee experience with Workato



Workato consistently outperforms other options, successfully resolving the highest number of tickets each month. Remarkably, its efficiency now matches the combined efforts of our top 2 team members or an average 3 team members–an achievement that truly stands out!



  • IT overwhelmed by manual tasks
  • Improve Employee Experience
  • High support ticket requests

The IT team of manages 70+ applications. They were spending a significant amount of time manually assigning applications to employees during the onboarding process. Not only was it very time consuming for the IT department, but this further resulted in lengthy wait times (days) for employees, and reduced employee satisfaction.

As a result, IT was overwhelmed with manual tasks related to IT support, asset management and employee onboarding and offboarding. 

For FY23, the IT team received a target to increase user experience and improve employee satisfaction. In order to do this, they needed to reduce manual handling of permission requests by 70%, automate 80% of onboarding activities and reduce the number of tickets by at least 20% by providing employees with self-service options.


  • Streamlined Employee Onboarding
  • Accelerated IT Support & Asset Management
  • Automated Employee Offboarding

The IT organization chose Workato because of the platform’s ability to handle a variety of use cases, and because it performed better than the incumbent. This enabled the business to adopt Workato wall-to-wall across’s Finance, Business Operations, and IT organizations.

Employee Onboarding:

  • The daily Workato recipe checks the system for any new hire

  • If a new hire is identified, a Slack notification is automatically sent to the IT team via a Slackbot

  • The hiring manager receives a notification with details about the new hire

  • Apps are automatically provisioned for the new hire based on business owner approval

  • New hires are also able to use the self-service option for smooth onboarding

IT Support:

  • Workato helps to integrate with Okta, and the Intercom chat widget via a webhook

  • Using a self-service option, employees receive password expiration reminders to easily update their passwords

  • Employees can also easily reset and unlock access if their account has been locked out

  • Streamlined IT ticket creation

Asset Management:

  • Automated equipment requests

  • Computer Inventory Management

Employee Offboarding:

  • Secure Offboarding process - SOX regulated

  • New termination requests are redirected from the HR system to the monday board

  • Apps are automatically deprovisioned

  • Monday board item and asset management automatically updated

  • Employee reminders to return office equipment and assets such as laptops

  • Reminder for the employee to bring back laptop and other equipments


  • 270 hours of manual IT work is automated monthly
  • 40% of tickets & 60% of permissions are automated
  • 75% employee onboarding automation success rate

Time saved: With 30% of the manual IT processes being automated, this saves the  IT team ~270 hours of manual work each month. IT tickets are automatically resolved along with self-service options.

Improved Employee Satisfaction: 40% of tickets & 60% of permissions are automated; overachieving on the original target in half the time expected. The team was also able to meet an SLA of 95%, where tickets are rated 4 or 5 stars.

Accelerated Onboarding/Offboarding: 75% success rate achieved

IT Team Meets OKRs and Targets: 6 months into the Financial year and IT has already achieved the majority of their goals