Employee Onboarding

Enter the new era of onboarding

Successfully onboarding new talent as your company grows doesn’t require throwing more people at it but rather automation designed to scale, while improving a new hire’s experience.

  • 36K hrs/yr

    saved in employee onboarding

  • $6M/yr

    saved in employee onboarding/offboarding

  • 95%

    reduction in time spent onboarding new employees

With Workato, you can win the fight to attract and retain top talent

Use Case

Ideal candidate experiences

  • Great onboarding starts with a great candidate experience.
  • Stay on top of every role and candidate with interview feedback reminders, automated candidate notification, and more.
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Use Case

Increase productivity and retention

  • Create the ultimate onboarding and ongoing employee experience.
  • Automatically provision new hires with all the applications they need to get going.
  • With Workato, you can let your employees focus on what matters, not creating tickets for IT.
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Use Case

Scale onboarding effortlessly

  • Easily onboard new team members whether you’re growing your team by 1, 10, or 100 a week.
  • Workato’s built-for-the-cloud infrastructure allows you to scale your onboarding without adding unnecessary headcount.
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Supercharge your onboarding process with Workato

  • Simplify ATS and HRIS integration

    Give your HR team the power to easily connect your ATS and HRIS and create a seamless end-to-end hiring and onboarding experience.

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  • Build bots in Slack or Teams

    Speed up the interview and approval process with purpose-built bots in Slack or Teams for interview feedback reminders, creating offer letters, and more.

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  • Scale hiring & onboarding with end-to-end automation

    Unburden your HR and IT teams by building a standard, automated process to sync candidate and new hire data across systems and teams.

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Supercharge your onboarding with prebuilt connectors

  • Workday

    Initiate HR processes involving your product by leveraging employee data available in Workday.

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  • Greenhouse

    Use our Greenhouse connector to find, engage, and track job candidates as they move through the interview and onboarding processes.

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  • Slack

    Communication is integral to any business. Real-time communication works even better in today’s virtual landscape. Slack provides a platform for instant, organized communication perfect for big and small businesses.

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