Product-led Sales

Take action on customer signals at scale

The mission of product-led sales is to align your success with your customer’s success. Your ability to understand customer behavior and drive tailored engagement must be driven by automation.

  • $8.5M/yr

    in headcount savings in Customer Success

  • 3x

    pipeline generated through ABM and lead-to-opportunity

  • 67%

    improvement in employee productivity in 6 months

Supercharge NRR with product-led sales

Use Case

Sync customer data across 1000s of GTM systems

  • Leverage Reverse ETL for moving data into your downstream GTM systems
  • Sync data in real-time or time-based batches
  • Centralize customer data with 1,000s of prebuilt connectors
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Use Case

Focus GTM efforts on key signals

  • View accurate and timely data within the apps you’re already using
  • Surface key product signals to marketing, sales, and customer success at the right time
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Use Case

Take action at scale

  • Empower marketing, sales, and customer success teams to define plays based on specific customer behaviors
  • Build recipes to automate prescribed GTM team actions at scale
  • Engage customers at the optimal time
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Master product-led sales by executing on account intelligence

  • Achieve customer 360

    Centralize your account data using Workato’s connectors & automation to begin the process of gathering insights to apply in your go-to-market activities.

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  • Empower GTM teams with key insights

    Make data warehouse insights accessible to marketing, sales & customer success teams to guide their engagement efforts on the customers who need it most.

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  • Execute product-led sales

    What’s absolutely critical to increasing Net Retention Rate is not just a deeper knowledge of your customers, but the ability to structure and action repeatable GTM plays based on that knowledge.

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Accelerate growth using Workato's pre-built connectors

  • Snowflake

    Our Snowflake connector lets you manage and administrate compensation and benefits, manage employee and skills profiles, enrich and transform business data into accounting, gain insights into every aspect of your business, and intelligently automate processes for improved efficiency.

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  • Marketo

    Use our Marketo connector to build reusable marketing materials in Marketo Design Studio, track and manage your leads in Marketo Lead Database, and send targeted content to leads using Marketo Marketing Activities.

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  • Salesforce

    Connect your product to the world’s leading CRM to create automations leveraging your customer’s sales, customer service and marketing data.

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  • Outreach

    Our Outreach connector lets you accelerate deals with best practices based on past performance and get detailed insight into your accounts and sales activity data.

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