Marketing Automation

Elevate marketing outreach across every stage.

Budget & Planning
  • Budget & Planning
  • Campaign Creation
  • User Acquisition
  • Retention & Expansion
  • Analytics

Automated planning & performance management

Combining budgets to activities is no longer a tedious manual exercise. Workato lets you:

  • Connect ERP systems to marketing and PM tools
  • Plan strategically
  • Invest efficiently
  • Measure impact


    Performance Metrics

    Data Visualization

  • Salesforce

    Our Salesforce connector lets you sync lead data across your systems, keep track of marketing interactions and ad impressions, attribute leads, and surface relevant user data inside Salesforce.

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  • Marketo

    Use our Marketo connector to clean and qualify leads, monitor prospecting signals and automatically escalate hot leads to the sales teams–all inside Marketo.

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  • NetSuite

    With our NetSuite connector, you can determine how much revenue was influenced by your campaigns and to generate and share revenue attribution reports without switching apps.

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  • Slack

    Our Slack connector lets you start, pause, or cancel paid ad campaigns, surface ad performance data, and qualify leads without leaving the chat.

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Getting started with Marketing Automation

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