Automate Marketing Operations

Improve your customer journey and drive more pipeline with less manual work.

Go-to-Market Agility
  • Go-to-Market Agility
  • Connected Systems
  • Campaign Operations

Stop waiting on IT tickets for integration and automation requests

With Workato’s low-code platform, Marketing can take full control of their tech stack and own their own destiny

  • Automate more than just email sends and form fills
  • Launch campaigns based on competitive intel and intent signals
  • Remove the IT bottleneck while maintaining proper security and governance
  • Enable sub-5 minute speed-to-lead with data enrichment and lead routing


    Performance Metrics

    Data Visualization

  • Salesforce

    Our Salesforce connector lets you sync lead data across your systems, keep track of marketing interactions and ad impressions, attribute leads, and surface relevant user data inside Salesforce.

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  • Marketo

    Use our Marketo connector to clean and score qualified leads, clone marketo programs, and trigger actions across in other marketing tools like ABM and direct mail platforms.

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  • Asana

    With our Asana connector, you can tie your marketing project management to your campaign execution systems and automate tasks required to launch campaigns. Coordinate creative requests, approvals, and operational steps easily and manage the process in Asana.

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  • Snowflake

    Easily connect your Snowflake data warehouse to your marketing tech stack to execute data-driven marketing touchpoints to progress prospects and customers on their customer journeys. Collect all of your marketing analytics data in one place to power data visualizations and executive reporting.

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