HR Automation

Transform your HR organization with Intelligent Automation.

Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • People Ops
  • Wellness & Collaboration
  • Offboarding

Recruitment Automation

You no longer have to search for the best candidates to find them.

  • Keep job descriptions up-to-date
  • Sift through candidate data (from job boards and your ATS)
  • Score resumes
  • Sync it all with your HCM

    Talent Management





Referral Bot

Trusted referrals from your employees are the best way to fill open positions.

  • Notify employees of new openings in Slack/Teams
  • Allow them to instantly submit referrals.
  • Notify them of any referral bonuses that exist

    Talent Management



  • Workday

    Our Workday connector lets you automatically generate accounts for new hires, monitor benefits like time off, and trigger onboarding and offboarding sequences.

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  • Okta

    Use our Okta connector to automatically provision equipment and grant permissions for new hires–and to close old accounts when someone leaves.

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  • Greenhouse

    With our Greenhouse connector, you can collect referrals from employees, schedule interviews, remind interviewers to give feedback, and send thank you gifts all inside the app.

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  • Slack

    Our Slack connector lets you approve hires, provision new equipment and apps, and sign off on promotions, benefit changes, and time off without leaving the chat.

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