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Workato training FAQs

  • What is Automation Institute?

    Automation Institute is a learning portal designed to help you learn how to integrate and automate using Workato, regardless of your skill level or technical acumen. Automation Institute offers mostly on-demand and self-paced courses, but also offers opportunities to register for instructor-led and in-person classes. Instructor led classes are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • How do I access Automation Institute?

    A Workato application account is required to access Automation Institute. Automation Institute uses the same authentication as the Workato application to gain access to courses and education. If you do not have a Workato application account, you can sign up for a trial. This link is also available on the Automation Pro I On Demand course's description page.
  • How much does Automation Institute cost?

    The only requirement to access all of Automation Institute's course materials is a valid Workato account. The same authentication credentials used to access the Workato application is used to provision and access Automation Institute accounts. There is no guarantee that Automation Institute will continue to be made available with no additional charge in the future.
  • What credentials can I earn?

    Automation Institute offers two primary types of "credentials": Badges, and Certificates. • Badges are the most incremental indications of training progress. Badges are awarded to students who fulfill the completion criteria for a course - usually ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours of concerted work. The completion criteria for a course may including viewing all lessons, passing an online assessment, and/or viewing all content available in a course. Not all courses offer badges, and may be purely informational. • Certificates are more rigorous than badges. Certificates are proof the recipient has passed the necessary "completion criteria". Completion criteria may be completing combination of courses or series of lessons, earned badges from completing courses, passed assessments, participation in instructor led programs, or passed assignments requiring manual grading. Our most popular certificate programs are Automation Pro I, Automation Pro II, and Automation Pro III. The actual certificate will display the topics of knowledge the certificate should represent. Workato reserves the right to revoke credentials at any time with or without reason or notification.
  • I lost access. How do I migrate my credentials from one account to another?

    If you have changed jobs, you may have lost access to your original learning account, and training progress and credentials along with it. If this is the case, contact support via the Workato application, or email training@workato.com. We will work with you to update your old account and new account. To expedite the request, please be sure to include the old email account used previously and the new account you would like to migrate to.
  • How to convert previously earned training credentials?

    If you have noticed people sharing the new official Workato certificates on LinkedIn or other social media and you would like to claim your credential please follow these steps: Fill out this form with your Name, Email Address you got the credential with, and the credentials that you have earned Once you have submitted the form we will confirm your credentials and then award them manually via our system You will receive an email from the Automation Institute Team and training@workato.com. This email will allow you to claim your credential and add or share it on LinkedIn. You’ll also be able to view all of your credentials earned through Automation Institute in one place.

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