How automation can help you win and retain top talent amid the Great Resignation

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In the era of the Great Resignation, there’s a battle raging to attract and retain the very best talent. 

Your company’s recruiting and onboarding processes are the key to winning those scarce resources—and that’ll give you a crucial edge over the competition on every other business metric. This is HR’s moment to shine.

But it’s hard to capitalize on this opportunity to accelerate transformation, fuel growth, and create competitive differentiation when you’re stuck with clunky manual processes. If you want to keep pace with your company’s aggressive hiring goals without sacrificing a quality onboarding experience—and all the benefits that come with it—, the only way forward is through automation.

Using automation, your existing HR team can:

  1. Deliver a first-class candidate experience. There’s nothing worse than a hiring process that drags on for weeks or even months. With automation, you can more efficiently identify, screen, schedule, and collect feedback on potential hires. For the candidate, the experience feels seamless and smooth.
  2. Make your new hire feel valued from day 1. With automated onboarding, your new hire can have all the right hardware, software, and shared tools ready from the first day, without a ton of manual tickets or equipment provisioning. Moreover, they can receive a personal welcome note in their inbox, all but ensuring that they’re excited about their new role.
  3. Speed up hiring with referrals. A smooth onboarding experience leads to satisfied employees—and happy employees can help you tap into their larger network of qualified candidates.

With Workato, anyone can build powerful automations to take the time and effort out of any process—and you don’t need any coding skills to make it happen.

Automation is more than a process accelerator. It’s also a brand creator and a reputation builder. With Workato on your side, it’ll be easier than ever to win the fight for top talent and improve productivity and morale across the business.

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