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Maximum power.

Workato recipes

Workato recipes are sets of instructions that automate complex workflows.

Every recipe can be a REST endpoint that can be called from other recipes or apps.

Getting Started


  • Triggers are conditions that prompt an action to happen automatically.
  • They can be scheduled, move records in batches, and read from on-prem files.
Keep it going


  • There’s a set of available actions for every connector.
  • Actions can have multiple steps and multiple conditions.

Easily turn your to-do’s into ta-da’s

See how easy it is to turn your workflows into simple, powerful, intelligent automations

Simple to-do’s

  • Monitor leads from Marketo form

  • If form is demo request form:

    • Add lead to Salesforce

    • Add lead to Outreach

    • Notify SDR in Slack

    • Include details for response within 5 min

  • Actions can easily have multiple steps with conditions

Intelligent to-do’s

  • When new ticket created in zendesk

    • Analyze tone of the ticket

    • If the tone is ‘angry’ mark as ‘urgent’

    • Immediately notify support rep

    • Allow rep to take action straight from slack

Powerful to-do’s

  • Analyze product usage (millions of rows hr)

    • If usage exceeds plan limit of 10,000

      • create an invoice in Netsuite

      • Instantly notify assigned rep to reachout about upsell

      • Add customer to appropriate marketing campaign