How Prime Build Tenders 20% Faster and Saves Over $600,000 with Workato

In the competitive world of construction, tendering is the gateway to new projects and business growth. For Prime Build, an...

Full Compliance, Zero Compromise: Southbase’s Integrated Approach to Flawless Safety Tracking

With a reputation for being efficient and effective, Southbase Construction has transformed the New Zealand skyline over the past decade,...

Convoluted to Connected: The APP Group’s Digital Revolution Powered by Workato

In the competitive property and construction landscape, operational efficiency is paramount. The APP Group consults on Australia’s most complex infrastructure...

How Gulf Marine saved $800,000 by orchestrating across IT and Customer Service

Gulf Marine is an established marine lubricant supplier to the global shipping industry, supplying marine lubricants and services in more...

How Good360 Australia uses automation for good

Learn how Good360 Australia uses Workato to help Australians in need.

Why we embedded Workato | Novade

The Co-Founder of Novade shares why they needed an embedded iPaaS and the results they've seen since adopting Workato.

How Atlassian saved 25,000 hours with end-to-end finance automations

Learn how Atlassian uses Workato to automate accruals, accounts payable inquiries, and account validation.

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