How BT teams are responding to the economic headwinds

We surveyed hundreds of BT professionals to see how they've been impacted by the economic slowdown. Here's what we learned.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

The pros and cons of the centralized enterprise automation operating model 

Massimo explores the model's strengths and weaknesses, and he goes on to explain when it makes sense to adopt it.

Written by   Massimo Pezzini

Why we bought Workato | Crunchyroll

The Sr. Manager of People Technology at Crunchyroll explains why they needed a solution like ours and why they ultimately chose us

Written by   JP Shaver

Why your operating model is a critical element of your enterprise automation strategy 

Massimo introduces 3 models your organization can choose from to carry out an enterprise automation strategy.

Written by   Massimo Pezzini

What is process automation? Here’s what you need to know

We'll cover different types of process automation, common use cases, its benefits, and answer any other questions you might have.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

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