Customer Service

Revenue leakage: what it is and how automation can stop it

Learn about the top sources of revenue leakage and 4 automations that can help your team address it successfully.

5 customer support automation stats that stand out in 2023 (based on our research)

We analyzed the customer support automations that hundreds of organizations built over the past year. Here's what we learned.

How to uplevel your CX in today’s business environment

Our VP of product marketing shares how to deliver a CX that helps you scale, retain customers, and turn customers into advocates.

How account intelligence can drive your customer-facing teams to action

Discover how account intelligence can help boost retention, close new business, and capture additional revenue from clients.

What is product intelligence? And how can it empower customer-facing teams?

We'll cover how your success teams, reps, and marketers can use product intelligence to delight clients and improve their KPIs.

What is customer 360? Here’s everything you need to know

We'll cover how a customer 360 can work, the challenges in implementing one, and a solution to overcoming these challenges.

How to employ an automated ticketing system

Learn about 4 ways to automate your ticketing processes and the type of platform that's needed to implement them.

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