Thought Leadership

How our employees used ChatGPT and Workato to build innovative processes during our automation hackathon

Our winning submissions let you automatically document recipes, streamline every part of hosting marketing events, and more.

Why you need to read "The New Automation Mindset"

Massimo shares why our upcoming book is a must-read for every business and IT leader, especially in today's business environment.

How large language models will impact the integration and automation space

Discover how they can improve your automations, the security measures they'll necessitate, and more.

How Arcanum’s Workato-powered finance assistant uses GPT to transform financial operations

Learn how "Archie" uses Workato and GPT to automate activities like invoice processing and financial analysis and reporting.

Workato-on-Workato: how MOps saved our marketing team thousands of hours within 6 months

Learn how, exactly, our MOps team uses Workato to streamline the process of creating web content.

3 tips for adopting a self-serve automation operating model (based on Atlassian’s journey)

A Principal Architect of IT Platforms at Atlassian offers actionable guidance on adopting a self-serve automation operating model.

3 ways that GPT models will influence BT teams

We predict that GPT models will carry out key tasks, serve as trusted advisors, cause costly mistakes, and more.

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