Thought Leadership

How custom apps for Teams & Slack drive how modern work gets done

We'll cover three features that enable customizable bots to power scalable and user-friendly custom apps in Slack or Teams.

How Tango Card’s BT and Product teams work together to deliver transformative solutions

Tango Card's Director of Business Systems and Head of Product walk us through a few recent examples.

Why transportation and logistics businesses are investing aggressively in automation

Firms in the space are set to invest 82% more in process automation. We'll explore the factors that are influencing this shift.

5 HR automation trends in 2021—and beyond

We analyzed the HR automations that hundreds of our clients are using and uncovered 5 that stand out.

State of Business Technology 2021: Why the function is more important than ever

Here's what we learned after surveying more than 500 BT and IT professionals on a range of topics.

W*rk Automation Index: How organizations have approached automation during the pandemic

The pandemic has had a profound impact on the way organizations approach and implement their automations. Priorities have shifted. Specific...

How we use automation to bring our employees back into the office safely

In May of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, our HR team in Singapore set out to tackle the...

W*rk Automation Index

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