Thought Leadership

How my team uses Standup Bot to collaborate and connect with one another

Learn how a team at Workato uses Standup Bot to help its employees build rapport, troubleshoot roadblocks, and align on projects.

How my customer intelligence team builds up champions and creates lifelong customers

Our director of CI shares her top strategies for gathering customer insights, building up champions, and prioritizing customers.

10 automation trends shaping 2022 

Here are the top trends we uncovered from analyzing the automations that 900 organizations built over the past year.

How we enabled ~30% of employees to participate in our hackathon

We'll also share the submission that won for each award category.

Why the product team at Randori is thriving—despite operating in a fast-evolving space

Randori's CPO shares how her team puts their product roadmap together, measures their product's success, and partners with CS.

How enterprise automation can enable application modernization

Learn about 3 distinct approaches to modernizing your applications and how an enterprise automation platform supports each.

5 automations that can transform your finance workflows

Learn about the powerful automations you can build with our new Brex connector.

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