4 common approaches to implementing product integrations (and where they all fall short)

Deciding how you build product integrations can be difficult. We'll make it easier by reviewing the pros & cons of several options

How CyCognito plays offense in cybersecurity by blending performance and usability at scale

Ansh Patnaik, the CPO at CyCognito, breaks down their offensive strategy during a recent Confessions of a CPO webinar.

How Applaud built a platform that helps clients reignite their legacy HR systems

Duncan Casemore, Applaud's CTO, breaks down the 3 requirements their platform had to meet.

How to identify the most impactful product integrations

From comparing yourself to competitors to sourcing ideas internally, these inputs let you uncover the most pressing integrations.

Build vs buy: how to navigate the integration conundrum

We'll cover specific scenarios you'll likely relate to and that can help you in deciding whether to build or buy integrations.

Why we chose Workato as a component of a cybersecurity product

Learn why CyCognito chose to invest in Workato's Embedded iPaaS solution and read about the results they've seen since adopting it

How Tango Card’s BT and Product teams work together to deliver transformative solutions

Tango Card's Director of Business Systems and Head of Product walk us through a few recent examples.

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