The role of APIs for embedded integrations: The weaknesses of API connectivity

Learn more about the downsides of API connectivity and how to solve them with integration and automation.

The role of APIs for embedded integrations: What do your customers really need?

Learn more about how you can better fit in your customer's tech stack and how it differentiates your product.

Should you invest in embedded integrations?

Learn more about how to tell when it's the right time to invest in an embedded iPaas solution.

Essential Ingredients of an Embedded Integration Platform

Here are five things you should look for if you are considering investing in an embedded integration platform.

Provide integrations reliably and quickly with the CI/CD Accelerator for Workato’s Embedded Platform

One of our solution architects breaks down our newly-released CI/CD Automation Accelerator for our Embedded Platform.

Embedded iPaaS connectors: what really matters when you’re evaluating them

Learn about "breadth" and "depth" so that you can pinpoint the embedded iPaaS solution that's best for your organization.

How Epicor took our Embedded Platform to market—from determining pricing to raising awareness

A Sr. Product Manager at Epicor shares how they branded our embedded platform, rose awareness of it, priced it, and more.

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