How Epicor took our Embedded Platform to market—from determining pricing to raising awareness

A Sr. Product Manager at Epicor shares how they branded our embedded platform, rose awareness of it, priced it, and more.

Why we embedded Workato | Novade

The Co-Founder of Novade shares why they needed an embedded iPaaS and the results they've seen since adopting Workato.

What’s haunting product managers when they launch a new product? Here’s what our research says

We asked a variety of product professionals to share personal experiences of launches gone wrong. Here's what they said.

The product manager’s guide to integrations

We'll explain why embedded integrations are—now more than ever—a worthwhile investment and how you can get the budget for it.

Why the product team at Randori is thriving—despite operating in a fast-evolving space

Randori's CPO shares how her team puts their product roadmap together, measures their product's success, and partners with CS.

Our Automation Accelerators are coming to our Embedded Platform! Here’s how they can help supercharge your product

Learn about our Autonomous Operations Framework Accelerator and how our embedded clients can benefit from using it.

How 3 Workato customers have taken the Embedded Platform to market successfully

Leaders from Reltio, CafeX Communications, and Qstream share everything they did when taking Workato's Embedded Platform to market

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