Human Resources

Employ Generative AI to Unlock Your Organization’s Knowledge Base

Organizations are constantly integrating, replacing, and creating data used in internal applications. Individual teams also have different ways of accessing...

How to build a talent acquisition team that can withstand today’s economic turbulence

The last twelve months have been tough on many industries, but especially tech, where mass layoffs have dominated the headlines. ...

A complete guide to LMS integrations

We'll cover everything you need to know about LMS integration, from how you can implement it to the benefits it provides.

How my team uses Standup Bot to collaborate and connect with one another

Learn how a team at Workato uses Standup Bot to help its employees build rapport, troubleshoot roadblocks, and align on projects.

Back office automation examples that can inspire your team

These back office automations can help your team streamline app provisioning, invoice processing, and more.

5 internal chatbots that can help your employees thrive

These chatbots help new hires excel, allow longer-tenured employees to make requests and find answers with ease, and more.

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