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How Grab increased work-from-home support capacity from 3500 to 19000 employees in 3 weeks


Luis Enriquez Head of Grabber Technology Solutions and Enterprise Cyber Security

Workato is crucial for the productivity and experience of all Grab employees.

Luis Enriquez Head of Grabber Technology Solutions and Enterprise Cyber Security


  • Company was in a state of hypergrowth
  • IT and People Ops processed had to scale with the business

Luis Enriquez, Head of Grabber Technology and Enterprise Cyber Security at Grab, is primarily responsible for the ecosystem of business apps and systems that the company uses.

As the company was in a state of hyper growth and scaling quickly, Grab had to ensure that processes across IT and People Operations were as efficient and secure as possible.

After internal reviews, the company realized that many HR and IT processes like onboarding new hires and assigning IT systems were highly manual. This created duplicate work, increased the likelihood of human error and was not productive for its people.

Because these workflows spanned many enterprise apps like JumpCloud, their HRIS and Slack, Grab turned to intelligent automation to help create a smarter infrastructure for those processes.


  • Automate the employee onboarding process
  • Turn Slack into a ChatOps Hub to do work on

Grab’s IT Team connected JumpCloud (their cloud directory platform) with Workato’s Workbot for Slack (their enterprise collaboration tool) to facilitate request management, access provisioning and system installation, all via Workbot for Slack.

This integration has also allowed the IT team to limit the number of people who have access to JumpCloud, and the specific features they have access to.

In addition, to facilitate JumpCloud account creation for new employees, Grab’s IT team connected their HRIS and JumpCloud with Workato to automatically detect when an employee is added to the HRIS. Workato extracts the new employee’s data from the HRIS, and automatically creates a new user account in JumpCloud with the extracted new employee’s data.

This integration also allowed the IT team to auto-provision Windows Machine to new employees.


  • 3,000 hours saved company-wide in a few months
  • 200+ hours a week saved, IT teams query internal directory 30x faster
  • Saved 3/4 of time to install PCs for new employees
  • Saved 9/10 of time to build automations with code

Overall, the automations Grab has built with Workato saved its employees a lot of time and effort as the organization scaled its operations. Human error is reduced, and response time to employee requests is much faster, increasing overall employee satisfaction. In addition, building integrations and automations now takes a few hours, when it used to take weeks or months.

With Workato as the solution for reducing bottlenecks across the organization, Grab hopes to eliminate manual tasks entirely, so that the company can continue to grow and maintain a competitive edge.

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