A customizable bot for your business apps and workflows
The only bot you’ll ever need to automate your workflows and work with all the apps you use.
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The bot platform that works with 200+ apps
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Do everything from Slack.
Eliminate App Hopping
You work with a number of apps all day for your work. Now, you can work with all these apps directly from Slack.
Streamline Workflows
Easily build and streamline workflows in Slack, like approvals, support escalation, employee onboarding, and more. Workflows can be easily added or changed - with no code.
Smart, actionable notifications
Swamped with notifications in your Slack channels? Workbot can send you only the relevant notifications, like when a ticket is assigned to you, ticket velocity is more than normal, opportunity becomes hot and more.
Contextual Commands
Bring the entire power of your cloud apps into Slack. Create tickets in Zendesk, view your leads from Salesforce, add a comment to your JIRA ticket, and more.
Visualize your data
Build charts and graphs from multiple applications and make them available in Slack. For example, build charts for your team KPIs, weekly summary of your opportunities, conversion funnels, etc.
Unfurl app URLs
Workbot recognizes app URLs that are posted in Slack. The best part is that you can customize exactly what to display when a URL is posted.
Custom for how your team works
Your company is unique and your team works differently from others, even those using the same apps. Easily create your own commands, change commands or add support for your apps with no code! Learn how.
Customers thriving with Workbot
“Workbot has become a very important part of our day-to-day work. The ability for it to proactively send relevant notifications as DMs and being able to act on them right away from within Slack will help us get things done faster and in ways that we could not before.”
Jon-Luke West Software Engineer OpticalPhusion
“We are excited to be able to take actions and automate our tasks right from within Slack conversations. For example, the ability to get a contextual 360-degree view of the situation or the ability to update records directly from Slack. We feel this will have big impact on the productivity of our growth team by saving us a ton of time switching between apps.”
Marc Mastrolcola Director of Marketing operations & Growth Hacker H20.ai