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Eliminate app-hopping. Automate your apps without leaving Slack.
Automation Power
Workbot brings the entire power of your cloud apps right into Slack. Create tickets in Zendesk, view leads in Salesforce, add a comment to a case in Salesforce and more.
Data Visualization
Workbot helps your team be data-driven by pulling together graphs, charts from multiple applications. Get charts of your team KPIs, marketing funnels, a pie chart with a summary of tickets, and more.
Smart Notifications
Swamped with notifications in your Slack channel? Workbot will ping you directly with relevant notifications that need your attention, like when an urgent ticket is assigned to you, a customer renewal is coming up, etc.
360° Customer View
Your customer information is spread across all your apps. Workbot gathers information from multiple apps to provide you a complete view of your customer.
Schedule your Actions
There are times when you'd like to take an action or get some information at a certain time of day. The Schedule command lets you setup a command to be run at a specific time. Run it only once or on an hourly, daily, weekly basis.
We understand that every business is different. Workbot can be adapted to address your unique business needs, including creating custom commands and notifications.
Business Efficiency
Workbot's Assist technology is a learning engine that understands the context of your commands and improves as you interact with it. This allows Workbot to proactively provide you with the information that you are looking for by intuiting your needs and asking leading questions.
Customers thriving with Workbot
“Workbot has become a very important part of our day-to-day work. The ability for it to proactively send relevant notifications as DMs and being able to act on them right away from within Slack will help us get things done faster and in ways that we could not before.”
Jon-Luke West Software Engineer OpticalPhusion
“We are excited to be able to take actions and automate our tasks right from within Slack conversations. For example, the ability to get a contextual 360-degree view of the situation or the ability to update records directly from Slack. We feel this will have big impact on the productivity of our growth team by saving us a ton of time switching between apps.”
Marc Mastrolcola Director of Marketing operations & Growth Hacker