3 ways that GPT models will influence BT teams

We predict that GPT models will carry out key tasks, serve as trusted advisors, cause costly mistakes, and more.

5 ways that BT teams can use ChatGPT in their day-to-day work

Learn how BT teams can use the AI-powered chatbot to generate knowledge base articles, interview questions, and more.

Workato-on-Workato: two automations that play a critical role in scaling our BT team’s operations

Learn why our BT team built these automations and how they work so that your team can also implement them.

Shadow IT: what it is, its risks, and how to address it

We'll share an automation that prevents the issues created by shadow IT—while still allowing you to reap its benefits.

A complete guide to LMS integrations

We'll cover everything you need to know about LMS integration, from how you can implement it to the benefits it provides.

Back office automation examples that can inspire your team

These back office automations can help your team streamline app provisioning, invoice processing, and more.

5 internal chatbots that can help your employees thrive

These chatbots help new hires excel, allow longer-tenured employees to make requests and find answers with ease, and more.

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