Payless embraces digital transformation to deliver on its core value

Long-lived companies often have a certain set of features in common: adaptability, grit, and guiding principles that outlast fleeting trends....

How Epicor took our Embedded Platform to market—from determining pricing to raising awareness

A Sr. Product Manager at Epicor shares how they branded our embedded platform, rose awareness of it, priced it, and more.

How MGM uses Workato to bring movies to the big screen faster

Doug Rousso, the CTO at MGM, and Manoj Parker, a Senior Architect at MGM, explained all of the issues they...

Why we bought Workato | Crunchyroll

The Sr. Manager of People Technology at Crunchyroll explains why they needed a solution like ours and why they ultimately chose us

How my customer intelligence team builds up champions and creates lifelong customers

Our director of CI shares her top strategies for gathering customer insights, building up champions, and prioritizing customers.

How Atlassian saved 25,000 hours with end-to-end finance automations

Learn how Atlassian uses Workato to automate accruals, accounts payable inquiries, and account validation.

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