Why our team at MX bought Workato

Learn why Ben Martin—a Software Engineering Manager at MX—and his team chose Workato over an internal integration solution.

Why we chose Workato as a component of a cybersecurity product

Learn why CyCognito chose to invest in Workato's Embedded iPaaS solution and read about the results they've seen since adopting it

How Tango Card’s BT and Product teams work together to deliver transformative solutions

Tango Card's Director of Business Systems and Head of Product walk us through a few recent examples.

Why I Embedded Workato

Learn about how the CEO and Founder of Infinite Blue evaluated Workato, as well as the reasons that led him to the platform.

Why we chose Workato while evaluating the enterprise iPaaS market

This article was written by the Director of Enterprise Architecture at a leading, global technology integrator offering cutting-edge technology solutions...

How Trakstar uses Workato’s Embedded Platform to improve their client and employee experience

Trakstar—an organization that offers SaaS platforms to support HR teams’ talent and management initiatives—often works with clients that lack in-house...

Insight-driven automation at Equinix

Like many companies that utilize both high-performance employees and systems in FinOps, RevOps, and IT, Equinix—a digital infrastructure company—recognizes that...

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