How lead automation can supercharge your marketing and sales efforts

We'll cover 5 automations that can help your team manage leads more effectively from the moment they arrive.

CRM and ERP integration: common examples, benefits, and challenges to consider

Discover powerful integration use cases, the benefits of connecting the two, the challenges in doing so, and more.

What is CRM integration? And which integrations should you prioritize?

The market size for the CRM space is projected to increase from roughly 58 to 129 billion dollars from 2021...

What is lead enrichment? And how can automation elevate your lead enrichment process?

When a lead comes in, a rep needs to respond within 5 minutes to maximize their chances of contacting and...

How Workato’s Sendoso connector helps your team use the sending platform to drive more revenue

Here at Workato, we believe that in order for your technology to work in harmony, it needs to adapt to...

How a chatbot can help transform your sales processes and drive new business

As your sales reps strive to meet their quotas over time, they’ll need help from their colleagues. Marketers can aid...

Speed to lead: what it is and 4 ways to improve yours

Research proves that the slower you are in responding to a lead, the less likely you are to connect with...

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