What is managed file transfer (MFT)? Here’s what you should know

We'll define an MFT solution, highlight a few common use cases, and explore its benefits and drawbacks.

Conditional workflow: what it is and how you can implement it

We'll highlight the value of using conditional logic in your workflows by breaking down 3 impactful examples.

Why we embedded Workato | Novade

The Co-Founder of Novade shares why they needed an embedded iPaaS and the results they've seen since adopting Workato.

How an enterprise automation platform can be used as your SOAR solution

We'll share an example of using an enterprise automation platform as your SOAR solution and the benefits this provides.

The pros and cons of an integration platform as service

Learn about its strengths and weaknesses, and discover another platform that addresses its issues and still covers its benefits.

Are integration and automation two distinct IT disciplines?

Massimo explores the definitions of automation and integration and how the two disciplines relate to each other.

iPaaS vs SaaS: here’s how you can compare them

We'll explore their definitions, provide examples, and clarify how they relate to one another.

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