AI workflow automation: examples, benefits, and tips

Learn how teams like sales, marketing, and business technology can benefit from AI-powered workflow automations.

What is a hybrid integration platform? What to know

Uncover common ways to use it, the benefits it provides, and key criteria when evaluating different solutions.

What is IT modernization? Definition, examples, best practices

We'll cover everything you need to know in order to modernize your applications and processes successfully.

Why you need to read "The New Automation Mindset"

Massimo shares why our upcoming book is a must-read for every business and IT leader, especially in today's business environment.

How large language models will impact the integration and automation space

Discover how they can improve your automations, the security measures they'll necessitate, and more.

What is a systems integrator? Here’s what you need to know

Learn about the top reasons for partnering with them, the benefits they provide, their business model, and more.

How Arcanum’s Workato-powered finance assistant uses GPT to transform financial operations

Learn how "Archie" uses Workato and GPT to automate activities like invoice processing and financial analysis and reporting.

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