How automation can boost your talent acquisition efforts

How automation can boost your talent acquisition efforts

A whopping 94% of HR professionals who use an applicant tracking system—or a similar app—say that it’s improved their recruiting process.

Despite this already-impressive figure, your recruiting apps can offer even more utility throughout the recruitment process when you use a chatbot that can communicate between them and your business communications platform (e.g. Slack). 

This type of chatbot allows recruiters and hiring managers to work in their apps and streamline their workflows without leaving their business comms platform—transforming how they source talent, review applications, interview candidates, and more.

We’ll give you a better idea of how this chatbot can help automate your talent acquisition workflows by breaking down a couple of examples.

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Rev up candidate sourcing by automating your employee referral workflow

As your recruiters look to gather applicants for a role, the first place they should go for help are their colleagues.

Why? Because employees likely have friends, family, and former co-workers who would be a great fit for any opportunity, and the research proves it: Candidates who are referred by employees have a higher likelihood of accepting an offer, being more productive, and staying on for longer.

To help employees to tap into their network and provide referrals with ease, you can implement the following automation:

1. When an employee identifies someone in their network that would be a great fit for a role, they open up the chatbot within your business communications platform and begin filling out the referral’s information. 

This can include details like the referral’s first and last name, their phone number, and the position they’re being referred for.

2. Once an employee hits submit, the chatbot instantly creates the new candidate’s profile in an app like Greenhouse. The profile should include the information provided when the employee submitted the referral. 

3. The chatbot instantly notifies the assigned recruiter—via your business communications platform—of the referral. 

4. Assuming the referral is a good fit, the recruiter can, with the click of a button in your business comms platform, forward the referral to the hiring manager.

Note: As the candidate moves through the interview stages, the employee who referred them will be kept in the loop via messages in your business communications platform.

Another key aspect of this automation: Every week, the chatbot messages a specific channel the number of referrals that have been submitted and the number that have moved on to the next stage. This helps recruiters track their referral program, and see how it’s performing—across open roles—over time. 

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Focus on recruiting qualified candidates by streamlining resume screening 

The process of reviewing resumes manually can easily become overwhelming, as the average number of applicants for just one position clocks in at 250.

To help your recruiters manage a high volume of applicants and identify target candidates faster, you can use a resume screening automation

This type of automation uses a chatbot that reviews resumes based on pre-set conditions. It would reject the candidate automatically if they fail to meet the required conditions, which would be reflected in your recruiting app; alternatively, it can accept a candidate, which leads the chatbot to forward them to the hiring team via a message in your business communications platform.

Here’s more on how the automation can work in the case of two applicants (one gets rejected and the other gets accepted):

Use Workbot to automate any of your talent acquisition processes

Workbot, our enterprise chatbot, can help you implement the use cases above—and a whole lot more—, whether you and your colleagues work on Slack, Teams, or Facebook Workplace. 

To learn more about Workbot, and to uncover the full range of automations it powers, you can schedule a demo!

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