Author: Jon Gitlin

What is a process flow? And how do you implement one successfully?

To give you a sense of how varied they can be, we'll cover a fairly common process flow and another that's more complex and niche.

How to identify the most impactful product integrations

From comparing yourself to competitors to sourcing ideas internally, these inputs let you uncover the most pressing integrations.

What is reverse ETL? And why is it valuable?

We'll explore various ways to leverage the architectural pattern, as well as the top benefits it provides to your business.

Task automation: here’s what you need to know

We'll cover 3 invaluable task automations, criteria that can help you in deciding whether to automate a task, and a whole lot more

How lead automation can supercharge your marketing and sales efforts

We'll cover 5 automations that can help your team manage leads more effectively from the moment they arrive.

The challenges of integrating your ERP system and how to solve them

Learn about 4 issues that often arise and how an integration-led automation platform lets you avoid them.

Build vs buy: how to navigate the integration conundrum

We'll cover specific scenarios you'll likely relate to and that can help you in deciding whether to build or buy integrations.

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