Author: Jon Gitlin

What is intelligent automation? Here’s how it’s evolved

We'll cover how intelligent automation used to work and explain how it works today by showcasing two impactful examples.

IoT integration: here’s everything you need to know

Discover 3 IoT integrations that can delight your clients, keep your equipment and personnel safe, and minimize costs.

Embedded iPaaS connectors: what really matters when you’re evaluating them

Learn about "breadth" and "depth" so that you can pinpoint the embedded iPaaS solution that's best for your organization.

Revenue leakage: what it is and how automation can stop it

Learn about the top sources of revenue leakage and 4 automations that can help your team address it successfully.

What is business process integration (BPI)?

We'll cover its definition, several impactful use cases, its benefits, and all the different ways to implement it.

Workato-on-Workato: two automations that play a critical role in scaling our BT team’s operations

Learn why our BT team built these automations and how they work so that your team can also implement them.

Chatbot automation: what it is and how you can implement it

We'll cover specific ways that sales, HR, IT, and support teams can use chatbot automation to transform their processes.

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