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Back office automation examples that can inspire your team

These back office automations can help your team streamline app provisioning, invoice processing, and more.

5 internal chatbots that can help your employees thrive

These chatbots help new hires excel, allow longer-tenured employees to make requests and find answers with ease, and more.

18 HR automation statistics that stand out in 2023

We analyzed the HR automations that hundreds of organizations implemented last year. Here are the most meaningful stats we found.

4 IT chatbots that can transform the employee experience

These chatbots let employees procure equipment, schedule office visits, request access to apps, and more, within Slack or Teams.

How an ATS and HRIS differ and why integrating them is critical

We'll breakdown common integration use cases and explain why automation is critical in transforming the employee experience.

How Persefoni transformed its job requisition workflow with automation

The Senior Director of Integrations & Analytics shares how "Osiris Bot" has helped them meet their ambitious headcount targets.

The ultimate guide to HR integration

Learn about 3 common integration use cases, the top benefits HR integration provides, and your options for implementing any.

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