Chatbot automation: what it is and how you can implement it

We'll cover specific ways that sales, HR, IT, and support teams can use chatbot automation to transform their processes.

5 internal chatbots that can help your employees thrive

These chatbots help new hires excel, allow longer-tenured employees to make requests and find answers with ease, and more.

4 IT chatbots that can transform the employee experience

These chatbots let employees procure equipment, schedule office visits, request access to apps, and more, within Slack or Teams.

Service desk chatbot: what it is and 4 reasons why it’s valuable

The continual advances in AI and in machine learning offer ample opportunities for improving the experiences of your customers and...

7 HR chatbots that can improve employee engagement and productivity

As more and more employees work remotely, they’re undoubtedly experiencing a number of challenges.  New hires may have trouble getting...

How To Create Awesome Slack Approval Workflows – No Code

One of the most frustrating aspects of anyone’s job is asking for—or giving—approval. Whether you’re trying to schedule a vacation...

How to build a Slack bot with no code

Slack bots are useful for both work and play, but they can be incredibly rigid in the tasks they can...

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