Service desk chatbot: what it is and 4 reasons why it’s valuable

How a service desk chatbot works

The continual advances in AI and in machine learning offer ample opportunities for improving the experiences of your customers and employees.

One area that exemplifies this are service desk chatbots.

Using this type of chatbot, your employees and customers can get their questions answered quickly, resolve their issues easily, and, as a result, improve their relationships with your organization steadily. 

To help you get the most out of your service desk chatbot, we’ll break down what it is, some of its applications, and the top benefits you can expect from using it.

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What is an IT Service Desk Chatbot?

An IT service desk chatbot is a type of chatbot that can communicate between your employees via an internal communications platform, like Slack, and the rest of your applications. This allows employees to get their questions answered, create cases/tickets, and more, without leaving the internal communications platform.

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Examples of Using a Service Desk Chatbot

To bring our definition to life, let’s walk through a few use cases.

Create tickets and manage them through completion

The process of creating tickets, editing them, and closing any can be manually intensive, as each of these activities involve logging into a ticket management system like Zendesk

This, in and of itself, may not seem like a problem, but as the number of tickets you create and manage grows, the process of managing each can quickly become overwhelming. 

An IT helpdesk chatbot can help you build a scalable process for creating and addressing tickets across your organization. For example, say an employee wants to request equipment for their home office. Here’s how they can do so using an IT chatbot.

As you can tell, the chatbot makes the process quick and easy for both the requester and the approver.

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Directly address any questions and issues

Your employees likely share a variety of questions, such as how many days they get off for a certain holiday.

To help your employees find the answers to commonly asked questions, your service desk chatbot can serve up existing content from your internal knowledge base (e.g. Guru) that directly addresses them. Here’s how this can work:

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Why You Should Use an IT Service Desk Chatbot

Now that you know how an IT service desk chatbot can work, you likely have a solid grasp of its many benefits. In case you miss any, here are the top ones:

  • It allows employees to focus on more business-critical and complex work. With manual work largely out of the way, employees that manage customer or employee issues can dedicate more of their time on troubleshooting critical problems that can’t be resolved with an article.
  • It improves the employee experience. Nobody wants to hop between apps to perform their day-to-day work or to find answers. If they can do both in a single platform and allocate more of their time on thoughtful and strategic tasks instead, they’re more likely to enjoy their job.
  •  It enhances the customer experience. Assuming your employees do become happier, they’ll be more likely to take actions that delight customers (based on research by the Harvard Business Review). 
  •  It is available 24/7. This allows any employee, regardless of their time zone, to access and use your service desk chatbot.

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Use Workbot as Your Service Desk Chatbot

Workbot®, an enterprise chatbot, offers all of the capabilities and benefits outlined in this page. Plus, you can use it in several internal communications platforms, whether it’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Workplace—which all but ensures that it can work at your organization. 

To learn more about how your organization can implement and use Workbot, you can chat with one of our automation experts.

To learn more about how your organization can implement and use Workbot, you can chat with one of our automation experts.

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