Workato customers take home Unstoppable Awards

Unstoppable Awards winners

Many businesses think of automation as a way to save time or money, but an increasing number are using the Workato platform to achieve exciting business, customer, and employee outcomes.

The first annual Workato Unstoppable Awards highlights a handful of customers who use automation to redefine the boundaries of what their organizations can achieve, whether that’s boosting revenue, improving processes, or finding ways to delight employees and customers.

Let’s take a closer look at what these winners have achieved with automation.

Pure Storage grow sales pipeline with Workato

Pure Storage, a public, global provider of data solutions empowers organizations with a true storage as-a-service model for today’s multi-cloud world. The company will automate over 5000 campaigns across marketing and sales in 2022, saving them at least 4000 hours per year and reducing execution and SLA times from 3-5 business days to seconds while establishing a global consistency across all regions and languages.

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TalentReef and Pipefy build better products

While companies like Pure Storage use sales and marketing automations to boost ROI, other companies look to product automations to achieve the same impressive results.

Talent management solutions platform TalentReef  has seen an ROI north of 900% in its first year using Workato. 

Using our platform, TalentReef is able to develop new product integrations in just a few hours—a process that used to take them up to 8 weeks. The company expects to grow revenue 2-3x in 2022 through the sale of integrations and by capitalizing on new channel sales opportunities enabled by Workato.

One of the world’s fastest growing startups, Pipefy, works hard to keep clients in over 150 countries happy. Like TalentReef, Pipefy is a new customer that’s already seeing product improvements due to Workato. Within one year of using Workato’s Embedded Platform, Pipefy has automated processes in over 200 international organizations, including many major household brands. To achieve this impressive feat, they deployed over a thousand Workato recipes that have processed more than 7.5 million tasks. 

Adevinta and Ridgelinez save millions with finance automations

Adevinta is a publicly traded Norwegian company that generates €200 million in annual revenue and manages online marketplaces in more than 15 countries. By using Workato to automate the time-consuming IT processes that power order to cash and record to report, Adevinta has been able to unite fragmented financial platforms and save €6 million/year.

Adevinta isn’t the only Unstoppable Awards winner making moves with financial automations. The Japanese digital transformation consultancy Ridgelinez, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, uses Workato to empower their employees to innovate with automation. 

They’ve been able to implement some truly creative automation solutions, including a recipe that scans recurring expense reports and chooses to approve them or escalate them for review. Automations like this helped the company recoup its investment within 8 months, with an expected ROI of 211% over 3 years.

Kaiser Permanente and Belcorp boost employee happiness and productivity

Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States‘s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of their members and the communities they serve. This requires coordinating between thousands of members and more than 8,000 personnel across dozens of medical centers and administrative offices. To improve speed to market for important member-facing communications, their marketing team set up automated project reminders for pending and overdue project approvals. Now they boast a much faster time to approval—and improvements in the employee experience due to better record keeping, stakeholder communication, and data hygiene.

Sometimes, just replacing older technology with Workato can boost the employee experience. Take, for example, Belcorp–the Unstoppable Awards winner in the Time to Value category.

Belcorp, which owns several beauty and personal care brands, recently replaced its older integration technology with Workato; as a result, different business teams can build their own integrations, which were previously centralized in a single area. In just six months, this has led to a 67% increase in employee productivity and the creation of more than 1000 new recipes.

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Snyk and Collibra anticipate customer needs using automation

Customer support is currently the fastest growing area of automation and customers like Snyk, Collibra, and Rapid7 are illustrating why that’s the case.

Snyk, a cybersecurity company, uses Workbot for Slack to give sales reps immediate updates on important leads and customer accounts to the company. The Snyk “Sparkbot,” as the company calls it, alerts sales reps at key buying moments—like a demo request, the start of a free trial, or an in-app purchase—in the lead or customer journey. Sales can then react proactively, starting nurture campaigns or reaching out individually to contacts.

Data intelligence market leader Collibra ensures their thousands of customers no longer need to wait on reps to send zoom link recordings after meetings. They use automation to add personal touches to customer interactions at scale. In their winning example, a Workato recipe forwards the Zoom call recording to customers immediately after they meet with sales or support, ensuring everyone has instant access to what was said in the meeting and everyone stays on the same page.

Rapid7, the provider of cybersecurity data and analytics solutions, switched from a brittle robotic process automation solution to Workato because they knew enterprise automation afforded more opportunities to improve their customer experience. After making the switch, Rapid7 created an automation that unified customer support ticket data, which greatly reduced ticket resolution time.

“It is important to empower our teams with automation technology and low-code/no-code platforms, and platforms like Workato help drive scale.” said Kieran Gilmurray, Director of Software Engineering at Rapid7. “With enterprise automation, companies can benefit from the outcomes achievable on the platform.”

Atlassian takes automation wall to wall

Many companies use automation to achieve multiple goals, like improving both employee and customer experience or boosting revenue while also improving their products with embedded integrations and automated workflows.

Atlassian, the software company behind project management tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello, has strived to do just that by using automation in every function. This has led to improved outcomes across teams, and more specifically, dramatic efficiency gains, meaningful improvements to employee satisfaction, and greater accuracy in financial processes.

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See all of our Unstoppable Award winners

All Unstoppable winners are at the forefront of their industries in defining what’s possible with enterprise automation. These awards are an important way to recognize the companies and individuals who are reaching for the stars and seeing exciting results with automation.

“These companies’ seismic transformations are inspiring to us and their peers,” says Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato. “We are constantly in awe of how customers bring the Workato platform to life to achieve amazing outcomes. A heartfelt congratulations from Workato to every Unstoppable Award winner.”

Here are the winners in each category:

The Unstoppable Award winners broken down by category