Why our team at monday.com implemented Workato

Why I bought Workato

monday.com is a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work. By combining building blocks, like apps automations and integrations, teams can build or customize the workflows of their dreams.

monday.com has teams in Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, London, Kiev, Sydney, São Paulo, and Tokyo. The platform is fully customizable to suit any business vertical and is currently used by over 127,000 customers across over 200 industries in 190 countries.

The benefits we knew we needed 

  • The ability to launch internal business applications quickly to address the needs of our fast-growing team 
  • Ease of use, so that we could train other team members to use the platform 
  • Great customer service with quick response times 

Demo and findings 

During our evaluation, we compared Workato with our existing solution and with other solutions. We took on the Workato proof of concept by ourselves in the beginning, just to see what we could do, and it was super easy to understand. As we got more involved with the Workato team, they were very helpful, and quickly answered every single question we had throughout the entire process. Workato definitely lived up to its reputation for amazing customer service. 

Decision time

My colleague and I came from companies that had already implemented Workato, so we had experienced the benefits firsthand and understood its advantages. We also know others in the Israeli business ecosystem who use Workato and recommend it. 

To summarize why we chose Workato: 

  • Workato offers high-quality customer service and speedy support ticket resolution. 
  • With the Workato community, we can save time by using recipes that others have created, taking advantage of built-in connectors. 

What’s next 

Our first use case with Workato will be transforming our quote-to-cash process by connecting Salesforce with Priority (our ERP). 

We have an entire roadmap for using Workato across all parts of the business, from sales and finance to HR and marketing, and we can’t wait to get started!