Why our team at MX bought Workato

why MX bought Workato

MX is a SaaS company that builds data-driven products for banks, credit unions, and fintech innovators. Ben is speaking as an individual user of Workato, not as a representative of MX.

Why we needed software

MX has almost doubled in size over the last year. And while this hypergrowth is exciting, keeping up with the internal demand for integration and automation has been a challenge for our team—it’s led to a huge backlog of requests.  

Initially we planned to build a custom, in-house solution, but we quickly realized that would be a major undertaking with a long timeline, and it would require us to hire additional developers. So we started to look at buying instead of building. 

The benefits we knew we needed

  • Scale growth without hiring new developers
  • Roll out a solution in months, not years
  • Support our culture of iterative innovation

Our criteria for evaluation

  • Fast implementation, to drive value right away
  • Customization: the ability to add new connectors and access other web services
  • Pre-built connectors and reusable components for the applications we’re using
  • Compliance, especially as we grow our presence internationally
  • Great customer support with coverage during our business hours

The selection process & demo

We started with a long list of potential vendors, and found ourselves gravitating toward the iPaaS solutions. Those fell into two main categories: enterprise and low/no-code. With the enterprise options, we saw that it was going to take a lot longer to get up and running. We’d also have to pay for things like professional services and training. So it became apparent that with a low/no-code option, we’d be able to get started in a very short period of time and start seeing return on investment faster. With Workato, we realized we can have a low/no-code option that is also enterprise-grade, without the baggage of a legacy offering.

And when we saw the demo of Workato, we were really impressed. We were like, “This is the solution to all our problems!” Seeing it in action also made us realize that there are so many additional use cases that we haven’t even considered yet. 

Workato also stood out because of its community and developer resources. We like knowing that we can reach out to the community if we have any questions, and that we can use community-submitted connectors to get work done faster.

The business case

Going with Workato instead of hiring a team of developers to build and manage an in-house solution means that there’s a huge cost savings for us.

Workato is also going to drive value by freeing up time for so many of us. One way it’ll do this is by automating the extensive data entry activities our employees have to perform.

In addition, it’s clear that Workato will be useful across the entire organization. We anticipate that our HR, IT, Finance, and BI teams will want to get their hands on the platform, so we’ll be able to save time and scale growth across the business. 

Decision time

We initially planned to build an internal solution to address our integration backlog, but we discovered that would be a very long and costly process, and we’re glad we didn’t try to go that route.

Workato provides the customization capabilities and compliance requirements we need; they also offer great customer support, and most importantly, the platform will allow us to deliver ROI quickly. It’s obvious that there’s so much we’ll be able to accomplish with such a flexible platform. 

The way we see it, we’ve got a nice car with our current setup. But Workato will be the engine in the car that will help us to accelerate and scale rapidly to support the company’s growth.