The Unstoppable Awards will honor 2021’s most creative automators

Workato Unstoppable Awards

Have you built something boundary-pushing this year with Workato? Let us know by December 17th to receive a company shoutout in Times Square and an all-expenses paid team dinner.

In January, the first annual Workato Unstoppable Awards will recognize companies that have redefined what their business and IT teams can achieve through the creative use of automation. These pioneers have built automations that drive business transformation and give people the tools they need to do good work. As a result, they’ve helped people and organizations thrive.

There are a dozen awards up for grabs in categories that celebrate how different companies can leverage Workato to enable innovation, grow revenue, and unlock unstoppable growth.

Here are this year’s award categories (drumroll please):

  • Employee Experience Automations
  • Customer Experience Automations
  • Embedded Automations
  • Financial Automations
  • Time-to-Value
  • RevOps Automations
  • Highest ROI
  • Wall-to-Wall Automations
  • Workbot Automations
  • Innovation
  • Automations Beyond RPA
  • Automations for Good

More about the award categories

Let’s take a closer look at each of these awards.

Employee Experience Automations

To claim this award, show us how your team is enhancing employee experience and productivity with Workato by, for example, enabling virtual onboarding or streamlining IT asset management.

Customer Experience Automations

We want to know how your team delivers an excellent customer experience with Workato. For example, you might personalize marketing experiences or instantly onboard new customers.

Financial Automations

Do you use Workato to automate your back-office operations? Let us know about your use case and how Workato is powering financial processes like order to cash, invoicing, and payroll.

RevOps Automations

This category will honor a company that supercharges revenue growth with automation by, for example, automating lead routing to improve speed to lead and, consequently, conversion rates.

Workbot Automations

We love bots and you probably do too! Whether you use Workbot for everything or just a few crucial processes, we want to know how they’ve helped your company be more productive. For example, Workbot might  help your employees return to the office safely, automate app provisioning, or route customer support tickets without leaving your chat.

Automations Beyond RPA

Let’s look beyond simple robotic process automation and towards strategic automations that have the potential to fundamentally change the way you work. Let us know how (and why) you decided to extend or replace your use of RPA with Workato. For example, you might manage projects by using Workato in conjunction with RPA and a business process management tool.

Embedded Automations

This award goes to the best use of Workato within your product. Tell us how Workato’s Embedded Platform is powering your customer integrations and driving business impact.

Wall-to-Wall Automations

Do you use Workato for diverse use cases across your organization? Show us how Workato is the glue that connects your business systems by, for example, automating both front-end and back-end processes. And don’t forget to let us know what you plan to automate next.


Is your team seeing faster time to value without waiting on IT for data? This award honors the stakeholders who are eager to get things going and have continued to see great momentum from first point of contact to go-live and post-implementation. Share your story with us and tell us where you’re headed next.

Highest ROI

Maybe you’ve used automation to generate new streams of revenue, build better products, or implement more efficient systems. To take home this award, let us know how your company has used automation to grow revenue or to save a significant amount of money, time, or resources.


This category honors a company that uses intelligent automation, such as artificial intelligence or natural language processing, to do things like prioritize support tickets and update downstream processes. Introduce us to your use case and its expected or real impact.

Automations for Good

Have you used Workato to solve problems for the greater good? Let us know about your use case, like faster aid application processing, and how it’s helped the world.

The contest details

Any business that uses or is impacted by Workato qualifies for the Unstoppable Awards, regardless of your use of a particular service or product. The winners will be chosen by a panel of industry experts and announced in January on the Workato blog and in a social post.

The deadline for submissions and nominations is December 17th, 2021.

All the winners will receive:

  • An award plaque
  • An all-expenses paid team dinner for 10 in a Michelin Restaurant in your city
  • Public recognition in a press release, blog post, and NYC’s NASDAQ Tower


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