You can now Embed AI into your Product

Instantly embed AI integrations to future-proof your product strategy and accelerate AI feature development.

Harness the power of Generative AI with Workato Embedded Platform

  • Offer instant and secure AI connectivity

    Offer instant and secure AI connectivity

    • Enable anyone on your product or GTM team to build AI product features with Workato’s AI connector.
    • Grant customers immediate access to Workato’s growing library of pre-built AI/ML connectors - including OpenAI / ChatGPT.
    • Significantly reduce engineering time from building one-off AI product features by leveraging our pre-built AI connectors
    • Enjoy the power of Workato’s #1 ranked iPaas platform built for enterprise scale and security.
  • Improve customer stickiness and reduce competitive pressures

    Improve customer stickiness and reduce competitive pressures

    • Integrate your product with 1000+ SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs, and more without writing any code.
    • Build additional connections easily with our SDK connector.
    • Consolidate customers’ processes in your product by leveraging a low-code UX to build integrations and automations.
  • Possibilities across all industries

    Possibilities across all industries

    • Marketing and Sales: Crafting personalized marketing, social media, and technical sales content
    • Finance: Generating invoices and reconciliations
    • Operations: Generating task lists for a given activity
    • IT/engineering: Writing, documenting, and reviewing code
    • Risk and Legal: Answering complex questions by pulling from vast amounts of legal documentation
  • Arcanum
  • Autodesk
  • Wrike
  • OneLogin

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