Productized Integrations

Supercharge your product with integrations

Your product’s value is tied to how it fits in your customers’ tech stack. Discover how an embedded integrations solution can accelerate growth and unlock new revenue.

  • 2 days

    average integration delivery time which used to take 6 months

  • 3x

    quicker integration product development

  • 650%

    ROI in rolling out customer integrations

The embedded integrations solution built for product teams

Use Case

Reduce friction to new revenue

  • Offer the connections new customers require
  • Improve customer stickiness and reduce competitive pressures
  • Expanded value helps sales teams hold on price
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Use Case

Build product differentiation with automation

  • A single, low-code UX to build integrations and automations
  • Efficiently translate domain knowledge to valuable process automations
  • Build workflows that centralize customers’ processes in your product
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Use Case

Accelerate time-to-market while saving engineering resources

  • Let Workato take care of integrations and get back to your core product
  • Non-technical resources get new integrations up in days
  • Confidently say yes more often to customer requests
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Integrations that scale

  • Access 400+ SaaS apps and databases

    Connect your product to Workato and immediately access 400+ prebuilt connections and build additional connections easily with our SDK connector.

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  • Features for effortless scale

    An admin console built to help product managers handle customers, permissions and automations with ease as your integration strategy grows.

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  • Secure, compliant, governed

    With a best-in-breed iPaaS foundation, Workato offers the security and compliance you require, and governance controls you didn’t know you need.

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Instant access to enterprise applications

  • Salesforce

    Connect your product to the world’s leading CRM to create automations leveraging your customer’s sales, customer service and marketing data.

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  • NetSuite

    Centralize your customer’s billing and finance processes in your product with a robust connection to Netsuite.

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  • Workday

    Initiate HR processes involving your product by leveraging employee data available in Workday.

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  • Jira

    Create automations to anticipate support intervention with a Jira integration that seamlessly escalates requests to their Jira instance.

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