How automating your billing processes can help eliminate revenue leakage

The Director of Marketing at LogiSense explains how integration and automation can keep your billing processes running smoothly.

Sales order automation: what it is and 3 ways to implement it

Learn how you can download client files and upload them to the appropriate folder, sync customer records across apps, and more.

How Standav used Workato to transform their client’s Lead-to-Cash process

Learn why a software company in the restaurant space wanted to automate their Lead-to-Cash and how they did so with Workato.

The 4 levels of automation maturity for order to cash

Learn about each level to see where you stand and to better understand what you should strive for.

CRM-ERP integration: why (and how) you should connect them

Discover powerful integration use cases, the benefits of connecting the two, the challenges in doing so, and more.

ERP integration guide: examples, benefits, and tools you can use

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the finance hub of your business. It’s where purchase orders get created, customer...

How to automate your invoicing process end-to-end

No organization is immune to receiving late payments. In the case of medium-sized organizations, more than 1 in 4 of...

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