How Standav used Workato to transform their client’s Lead-to-Cash process

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This article is a guest post from our friends at Standav, a leader in transforming enterprise sales systems. They work with enterprises to reimagine their quote to cash experience with CPQ, billing, pricing, B2B commerce & partner management solutions. You can read about Protik by visiting his site, and you can learn more about Standav by visiting theirs.

Combining sales, marketing, accounting, operations, and other core functions with end-to-end business software solutions like ‘Lead to Cash’ can be highly beneficial. It allows organizations to improve communication, elevate coordination, increase flexibility, share information in real-time, lift sales, enhance their forecasting, among other benefits.

A leading cloud-based software company in the restaurant space was recently at the cusp of undergoing a similar transformation.

We’ll explore their journey in automating Lead-to-Cash and how partnering with our team at Standav allowed them to succeed every step of the way.

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Why they wanted to automate their Lead-to-Cash

Their internal processes and systems were built on the model of a single product to a single restaurant with a single path of selling. However, with their rapid growth, they were forced to use multiple manual processes and workarounds to accommodate the increase in product lines and customer segments—which wasn’t scalable. 

The entire flow had to be redesigned, from restructuring the foundational elements and business processes to supporting the rapid growth of multi-product marketing, selling, and onboarding to a diverse set of customer segments (SMB and Enterprise).

Additionally, they needed to utilize CPQ for all sales quoting needs, and they needed to generate a quote in under ten minutes for all SMB and Mid-Market/Enterprise segments across products. They were also looking to align their current selling environment to include restructured accounts, multi-product interest, billing, and other financial data.

As the company was moving towards being the number one technology provider in the restaurant industry, they needed a solution that could support accurate and robust financial reporting and reconciliation while employing architectural best practices. Moreover, they needed to incorporate Lightning UX, and build appropriate security and compliance infrastructure. 

This is when our team—their digital transformation partner—, brought Workato in to help streamline their Lead-to-Cash Process. 

How we used Workato to transform our client’s Lead-to-Cash process

Using Workato, we were able to consolidate the entire Lead-to-Cash process workflow, enabling it to have a seamless transaction across the platform. Workato also helped us align the Account Hierarchy to the billing and ERP system for better reporting and tracking. Furthermore, Workato allowed us to set up and update lead management and conversion processes to track and capture leads from multiple sources effectively.

With our guidance and Workato’s platform capabilities, the client was able to experience several benefits:

  • Creating quotes on the fly for prospects in various locations
  • Leveraging better contracting capabilities within CPQ, allowing their team to speed up the entire process
  • A fully-integrated solution, from the Marketing tool to the ERP system
  • Seamless integration of data points, from CPQ to their Revenue Recognition management

Our thoughts on partnering with Workato

By using Workato, we’ve been able to solve the client’s problems without worrying about their underlying infrastructure. Moreover, with Workato we could reimagine how we automated our client’s business processes. 

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