How our Marketo Sales Insight Bot improves our team’s speed to lead

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How are prospects engaging with your business? 

For most organizations, there are a multitude of answers.

One lead may have attended a recent webinar; another may have visited your pricing page; and yet another may have clicked on a specific ad. And in many cases, a lead performed some combination of activities.

A rep’s ability to discern the actions leads take, soon after they’re taken, can help the rep manage their leads more intelligently and close more deals, faster.

That’s why we’ve built a chatbot that can provide these insights directly with the appropriate sales rep via our business communications platform (which happens to be Slack). 

We’ll break down how our chatbot—”Marketo Sales Insight Bot”—works so that you can implement something similar over at your organization. 

A deep dive on our Marketo Sales Insight Bot

We use Munchkin (a javascript tracking code provided by Marketo) to add cookies to the visitor’s browser. 

Once the visitor provides us with their email address, Marketo can associate the cookies with the user—which means the user’s activities can instantly get logged in the marketing automation platform.

Our team then set up an interesting moments program in Marketo that’s based on certain activities being performed. These include:

  • Visiting a high-intent page (e.g. pricing page)
  • Browsing a certain number of pages within a brief time window (e.g. visiting 3 pages within an hour)
  • Registering for an event, either online or in person
  • Clicking on an ad

After a lead performs one of these activities, an interesting moment object gets printed in Marketo, and the activity flows to our CRM (Salesforce) and Marketo Sales Insight Bot—spurring the latter to action. 

The bot works in real time to determine whether it should share the lead based on the pre-configured filters we’ve set up. For example, it would remove leads that have a certain contact role or subscription plan listed in their opportunity.

Then, assuming the lead passes our filters, the bot sends the assigned sales rep a message the morning after the lead performed their activity.

The message includes various details on the lead from our CRM, such as the opportunity they’re associated with, the organization they work at, the opportunity stage they’re in, whether they work at a target account, etc.

A message from our Marketo Sales Insight Bot that provides context on the lead from its CRM profile

Within the same message thread, the bot can share the interesting moment(s) the lead performed, in addition to more details around that moment (e.g. webinar registration → the name of the webinar).

A message from our Marketo Sales Insight Bot that highlights a lead's interesting moment

Though the Marketo Sales Insight Bot is still relatively new here at Workato, we’ve already seen it improve our reps’ speed to lead as well as the messaging they use in their outreach. Both of these factors should go a long way in helping our team close more deals and in building more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients.

To learn more about our Marketo Sales Insight Bot and to discover how it can be implemented at your organization, you can connect with one of our automation experts.

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