3 tips for adopting a self-serve automation operating model (based on Atlassian’s journey)

A Principal Architect of IT Platforms at Atlassian offers actionable guidance on adopting a self-serve automation operating model.

How Broadcom Automates Employee Onboarding

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely difficult because of all of the moving parts. Companies have to account for new...

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Why you need an Integration Platform that Both Business and Developers Like

An integration platform should meet the needs and expectations of both business and developers.

How an Efficient Digital Transformation Framework Maximizes Return on Equity At Walmart and other Leading Companies

An effective digital transformation framework maximizes return on equity for established and high-growth companies, by accelerating revenue operations, scaling processes, and more.

A Guide to Slack Workflows and the Tools that Enable Them

Today, businesses and their internal culture are defined by the pervasive workflows used across their organization and business apps, and...

Some Companies Are Using AI to Interview Job Candidates. Should You?

People in tech are constantly talking about its potential to change every aspect of our lives. From the way we...

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