How Broadcom Automates Employee Onboarding

How Broadcom automates employee onboarding after M&As

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely difficult because of all of the moving parts. Companies have to account for new employees, security measures, technology, and pressure on their IT teams, among many other hurdles. 

In a recent webinar hosted by Okta, Neeraj Malhotra, Global IT Senior Manager at Broadcom, discussed his organization’s hurdles, including finding a scalable way to email thousands of new employees’ login credentials. Malhotra shares how Broadcom was able to automate that process by utilizing Okta and Workato.

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The Manual Burden of Mergers and Acquisitions

Broadcom has grown and innovated with a series of Mergers and Acquisitions. This means many new employees join the company at one time and all need credentials quickly. This process is important because it’s one of the first experiences the new employee has with the company. Malhotra and the other webinar presenters all emphasized the importance of employee experience, especially making sure your employees are ready to go on day one. 

Malhotra explained that you can manually get employees their credentials by creating a spreadsheet, provisioning services, accounts and credentials, and then sending those credentials with a bulk email service. Using this method, your team could easily email say, 20 new employees their login credentials, but what about thousands of new employees? It’s clear that this manual task could be better scaled with automation.

How Broadcom automates Employee Onboarding with Workato 

Now, Broadcom uses an API connection to Okta via Workato. Workato monitors for when a new user is created and activated in Okta. When this lifecycle event happens, Workato automatically populates Broadcom’s user repository where it stores the credentials for that user.

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Making Email Distribution Easy 

The information from the user repository is then put into a state where Broadcom’s management team can easily trigger and send the credential email. Broadcom built an interface that their directors can go into, pick the list they want, and simply press “Send Welcome Email.” That welcome, of course includes the credentials their new employees will need to sign into Okta and set up their accounts. 

Accounting for geography 

You may be wondering why Broadcom’s directors would have to select a specific list. Malhotra explains that M&As are usually global. That means that you will be delivering to different time zones. “You don’t want to send a credential email, let’s say at midnight to someone in Germany,” said Malhotra. He went on to explain that for a great employee experience, you generally want the email to be at the top of your employee’s inbox when they wake up in the morning and sign into their email. 

To create this experience, Broadcom used Workato to build lists based on geographical locations and time zones. That way, when directors get the okay, they can easily go into the interface, select the correct location, and send the credential email. Workato is in the background pulling the list for the selected country and distributing the email.

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Automation Reduces Friction for IT and the End User

Malhotra explained that in order to enable this type of functionality, API access is needed. So, are event logs and triggers to go off of, in addition to efficient provisioning services that don’t need manual intervention. Having these things working together is critical to reducing friction for not only your IT team, but also your end users.

An M&A can be a large change for your new employees as well, and you’ll want to give them the best experience and enablement right from the start. 

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