4 Zenefits Integrations that will Revolutionize Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding involves many moving parts for the human resources (HR) team. Even with the use of amazing best-of-breed cloud apps like Zenefits, an all-in-one Human Resources (HR) app, bringing a new person into or out of a company requires actions to happen in other industry apps like JIRA, Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite, Intacct and more. Here are 4 integrations between Zenefits and other popular apps that we’re building here at Workato to revolutionize your employee onboarding and offboarding. No more manual account creation, neglected expense reports or forgetting to close accounts – you can automate tasks from hire to retire.

1. When a new employee is added to Zenefits, notify IT + Introduce them on Slack

There are a few things that every new hire needs regardless of department or role, like a company computer and an introduction on a internal communications system like Slack or HipChat. You can make this a seamless process using an integration platform like Workato. At Workato, we call our integrations recipes, a set of steps that will perform automatically once a trigger occurs.

You can use this recipe to automatically notify IT and introduce the new employee in Slack. The recipe triggers when a new employee is added or updated in Zenefits. Workato will then create a JIRA ticket to purchase the necessary equipment and send a Slack notification about the new employee joining. In this recipe, the Slack message will include the employee’s name and job title, but you can customize what this message says.   

2. When a new employee is added to Zenefits, automatically create a new account in another cloud app

When a new employee is brought on, the obvious tasks include filing their paperwork and receiving a company email address, but they also need access to the various other apps their job role is required to use everyday. Without integration, new employees usually begin their job and ask for access to apps as they run into problems or realize they need access. The job of creating new accounts in other apps is often slower than it needs to be, involving a back and forth conversation with several different people – whoever has the administrative access to the app or service.

You can make the addition of new JIRA accounts automatic by using this recipe that will trigger when a new employee is added or updated in Zenefits. Then Workato will search for the user in JIRA (or whichever app you prefer) and create a new user in JIRA if there is not one already.

3. When an employee is terminated in Zenefits, automatically close accounts in other cloud apps

Offboarding requires similar diligence. Remembering to close accounts in various business apps for old employees is often overlooked or delayed because the task is not streamlined. This isn’t great for security and, if the app is pay per employee, could be wasting money.

You can automatically create a ticket in JIRA that reminds you to remove access for the terminated employee when they are marked as terminated in Zenefits. *We’re in the process of creating this recipe, but you can always create your own from scratch on Workato.

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4. When an employee is terminated in Zenefits, automatically pull information about the employee from your cloud apps, like your CRM

Tying up loose ends and getting all the information you need about an employee from different apps and into one place, Zenefits, will ensure a smooth process for everyone involved. That means reassigning that employees leads or tasks to another person. You can automatically populate Zenefits with this crucial information. When an employee’s status changes to terminated, Workato can bring any leads, opportunities and tasks assigned to that person in a CRM like Salesforce into Zenefits. This ensures no work gets lost and no lead gets left behind. *This recipe is also in the works.

Making crucial parts of the onboarding and offboarding process automatic will save time for the HR department and result in a streamlined, pleasant experience for the new or retiring employee. This is just the beginning of what you can do with Zenefits and Workato. Create the integrations that fit your specific business by making your own recipes. Workato supports your custom objects and is working with Zenefits to make sure our integrations are as powerful as possible.

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