Workato Basics Video Tutorial: How to Search for Integration Recipes

The headaches of modern app integration generally stem from one major problem: having to build all solutions from scratch. For years this has been the case. Businesses hire developers and IT to hardwire integrations for simple problems, leading to costly and time-consuming efforts. What if you could simply search for your desired integration and start using it in a matter of clicks?

Workato has a library of over 1000+ recipes for you to search from. Search for one that suits your integration needs, ‘Get’ the recipe, and you can start connecting your apps. In this video, you can see how easy it is to find the specific integration you need. You can guide your search based on the app, field, or action to enhance your results.

Searching for recipes can make automation faster by having access to what the community has created. With Workato, what once took months, now takes minutes with the simple search function.