Customer Success: How App Integration Increases Sales Rep Field Time and Drives 20x ROI

We often hear success stories from our customers and users.  They range from the small joys of being able to sync accounting with payroll software all the way to automating hundreds of hours of work across an organization.  Our “Customer Success” series will showcase these stories to illustrate the value Workato integration can bring to various functions at any kind of organization.

This story is from Realize Drinks Supplier Advisory, an advisory firm that specializes in applying appropriate technologies that affordably create competitive advantages for alcoholic beverage brands.  We’re pleased to have the chance to interview Cort Kinker, Managing Partner.

Workato: What made you look at Workato for integration?

Cort: The beverage industry has been slow to move to cloud apps but it’s starting to pick up.  My clients now get the best app for any function like CRM or invoicing.  They are saving money by only purchasing apps they need, but since it’s not an all-in-one, it’s hard to get the apps to talk to each other.  I use Workato to help my clients leverage technology to grow their business.

Workato: What benefit have you seen immediately with Workato?

Cort: Salesforce is huge in the alcoholic beverages industry.  Workato is really easy in terms of having good visibility to what you are doing and reliable for how it works.  It’d be optimal to have everything in the Salesforce ecosystem but my clients aren’t programmers.  I’m not a programmer.  Workato gives me the ability to make my client’s systems work so that they can focus on growing their business.

Workato: What value are your clients seeing?

Cort: They don’t need to invest $50k in a massive ERP system now.  They also can keep their sales reps in the field longer and make it easy for them to send updates back to headquarters instead of manually entering data, which is their least favorite part of their job.