Workato Basics Video Tutorial: Checking for Duplicate Records

Integrating data between apps can sync needed information quickly…but only if it already doesn’t exist in one of the systems already. Otherwise you run into the problem of duplicate records, jeopardizing quality control (which record is accurate?) and cost considerations (how much more does an app cost because of more contact usage?).

It makes sense to check to see if the information is already entered in the receiving app. For example, let’s say you want to create an invoice in QuickBooks using a Salesforce opportunity. If the customer exists, you can quickly add the invoice to an existing customer, and if the customer does not exist, you should create the customer through an additional nested step. Checking for whether records already exist allows users to avoid creating duplicates. In this tutorial, you can see how the ‘Is Present’ and ‘Is Not Present’ conditional actions can enhance your integration recipes:

Make sure your app integrations are actually helping you do your work better and reducing the amount of manual data entry. Checking for the presence of existing records can save significant time when syncing data between apps.