There IT Is: How to Unlock the Value of Your IT Support Data with ServiceNow

Coming up with the next great mobile app or the newest tech product is a huge opportunity and responsibility.  In addition to building its features, you must provide top-notch customer service and technical support.  In fact, having a bad mobile app can be worse than not having one at all.  Once your product goes live, so too does your need for a robust IT helpdesk.

ServiceNow enables you to deliver high quality support services helping you retain customers. Support service is optimized through operations and reporting tools to manage your IT workflows. With ServiceNow, you can focus your energy on your product’s features instead of only focusing on helpdesk requests.

Structuring the Integration of ServiceNow with Additional Business Apps

IT doesn’t live in a silo any longer; it is exceedingly intertwined with marketing, sales and HR.  When a service request ticket is created, your company may be in the middle of a sales cycle with that customer.  If your sales team tries to secure a deal in the middle of a support ticket, the customer may drop you altogether.  Service ticket information can be a useful asset to marketing, as this information can target market service plans, warranty protection or other products.  This way, the sales team is intervening at a leverage point when a customer has a need.  HR can use service ticket information to understand what type of service problems are causing a high number of hours from timesheet apps.  Employees working over capacity can alert HR to begin a round of hiring so employees do not find themselves burnt out.

Workato Liberates the Full Value of ServiceNow

Don’t rely on the archaic predisposition of putting your IT support services in a silo.  Foregoing ServiceNow integration with other business apps will cause you to lose customers and possibly sink your entire app.  Left on its own, ServiceNow will assist your customers, but it takes the extra integration to sync your marketing and HR departments.

Workato unlocks value from your IT support data by connecting it to other business apps.  Make your data actionable by making decisions for how much support your customers require.  You can explore ready-made workflow recipes or even create your own:

ServiceNow Salesforce Integration

ServiceNow Tickets Become Salesforce Reports

When a ticket is created in ServiceNow, a report will be included in the contact’s Salesforce record to keep the CRM team on the same page.

ServiceNow Replicon Integration

Closed ServiceNow Tickets Sync with Replicon Projects and Staffing

Closed ServiceNow tickets will update project management and corresponding timesheets in Replicon.  An accurate picture of active projects and staffing will be consistently reflected.

BambooHR ServiceNow Integration

New BambooHR Employees Become New Users in ServiceNow

New employees in BambooHR can immediately create a new user in ServiceNow.  There will be absolutely no delay in delivering customer service.

On its own ServiceNow will simplify IT helpdesk requests and support data, but when Workato syncs it with other business data, it is undeniably more efficient.  Workato has already handled the data integration process with its ServiceNow recipes.  Check them out and unlock the value of your IT support data.