Why we embedded Workato | Novade

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Novade is the leading construction field management digital software, purpose-built for the building and infrastructure industry.

We created Novade to help businesses in the building and construction industry transform the way they work. Through our platform, we set a new standard in jobsite management, with the goal of connecting all stakeholders on and off the field in one place. Clients can upload photos and gain real-time visibility on project statuses, logs, site diaries, and daily reports—all via the platform. Our goal is simple: To make site operations run smoothly by streamlining site processes, facilitating collaboration, and increasing productivity. 

Why we needed Workato

We needed a solution that could help our clients avoid toggling between whichever ERP application they use and Novade whenever they need to upload, update, search, and access data. To facilitate this level of data orchestration, we needed to integrate the Novade platform with these ERP apps.

The benefits we were looking for 

  • Ability to scale workflows easily
  • Flexible and customizable to each client’s unique environment
  • Seamless embedding into our product

Criteria for evaluation, demo, and findings

We tested a variety of software systems in the market but faced several technical limitations. These systems weren’t scalable and couldn’t grow alongside the company. As we continued our search for the right solution, we decided to focus on the following criteria: 

  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Adaptable to updates and changes in apps
  • Established platform that’s used by industry leaders 

Making the choice 

Ultimately, we chose Workato as they fulfilled all the requirements in our checklist. With Workato, it only takes us a few hours to a day to build and implement new workflows. Most importantly, Workato allows us to bring more value to our clients, as they don’t have to purchase additional tools to manage and sync their data. Now, our clients can focus on delivering their projects without wasting precious time on administrative work. 

The results 

With Workato, it’s easy for Novade to connect and integrate with any data source, and our clients no longer have to toggle between multiple apps to access important data. Having a centralized channel for all stakeholders makes it easy to record and track daily activities over the course of each project. This has improved collaboration across teams, and our clients can now easily store and manage data in one place—the Novade platform.

As we continue working with Workato, our hope is that Novade will keep revolutionizing site management for the building and construction industry.